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My Family

My name is Teresa...

I'm thirty-two years old and have been married for eleven years. I live in Florida with my husband and our two children. My husband, Mac, and I were both raised in Northwest Florida. After our wedding we moved to Key West, then to Memphis, TN; Norfolk, VA; Atlanta, GA; back to Memphis; and finally to Northeast Florida. I do not intend to move again!

This is Mac...

Mac joined the Navy when he was seventeen. We met while he was on leave and visiting his parents. I worked at Burger King and he stopped by on his way home from a date. A mutual friend, who also happened to work there, gave him my phone number. He called and asked me out, and the rest, as they say, is history.
After serving in the Navy for eight years, and surviving our first (and only) six month deployment as husband and wife, he decided to get out. In the Navy, he was working as an NDT, a Non-Destructive Technician, which is what he's doing now. He still travels, but isn't gone nearly as much as he was in the Navy.

These are my kids...

As I mentioned before, we have two children - Catherine is ten, and Jimmy is five.

Catherine was born in Key West. She's in the fourth grade, and loves school. When she grows up, she wants to be a Paleontologist. She's liked dinosaurs since the first time we watched Jurassic Park, when she was ten months old. She still likes playing with Barbies, wearing makeup, and having sleep-overs with her girlfriends, but in the end she always goes back to dinosaurs.
She's a proud member of the Girl Scouts. She's a Junior this year. She's also in Chorus this year in school and she's taking Tae Kwon Do. She loves to sing, and I love that she's learning to self defence.

Jimmy was born in Atlanta. He wants so badly to go to school. He insists on carrying his backpack and lunch box when we walk Catherine to school every morning, and he often puts up a fight when it's time to go home. He likes doing what sister does, naturally, including playing with Barbies. Thank goodness for dinosaurs! He's informed me that he wants to be a Paleontologist, like his sister. (At least it isn't Barbie!)
Of course he can't wait until he can join the Cub Scouts. He's taking Tae Kwon Do as well as his sister. He loves it. And he looks so cute in his Dobok!

Let's not forget the pets...

We have a rabbit named Buttercup. He's white with light brown spots. I have no idea what type of rabbit he is. He's extremely shy - at least he is when you open the cage door. He'll come right up to you when you first approach the cage or when I change his hay! His favorite game is to turn his bowl upside down, right side up, etc... (usually while his food is still in it). Let's not play with all the toys I bought for you... Yes, I bought him some cat toys. He's gotta have something to keep himself occupied.

Then there's Maggie. She's half Boxer and half American Bulldog, solid white with a tan ear and a tan spot on her left eye. She's an excelent watch dog. *rolls eyes* She's constantly barking at our next door neighbor (while he's in his own yard) and will lick you to death if you dare come around, if she doesn't pee on you first. She was a Father's Day present for my beloved Mac.